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There are three ways to get covers from me: Premades, Custom Premades, and Custom Covers. Read about each package below to decide which option will work best for you!



Premade covers are occasionally posted in my Facebook group, and are typically first come, first served (FCFS), though every now and then they will be available through auctions held in the group. If you are interested in picking up premade covers when they become available, I recommend joining my Facebook group and turning on notifications, as these tend to sell FAST!

All premades will be sold AS-IS – NO CHANGES can be made to them. I do not take payment plans.




Custom Premades are a middle ground between Custom covers and Premade Covers. You can submit a request for a custom premade on the request form, which can be found HERE. I work on these whenever I have time, and they are now the majority of my business. I don’t guarantee all requests will be filled, but I work on as many as I can. 

You can request a single premade or a series. If I work on your request, you will be given the first opportunity to purchase the cover(s). I will email you with the finalized cover(s), and you may choose whether or not you would like to purchase them. If you don’t reply within 36 hours, or if you decline to purchase the cover(s), they will be posted as premades for sale FCFS (first come, first served) in my Facebook group.  Identifying information, such as titles and author names, will be changed.

The covers you receive will be FINAL covers – not drafts. All premades will be sold AS-IS – NO CHANGES can be made to them. These are still premades, not customs.


Custom Covers


The Gold Package is a more customized and in depth design experience. I may use more premium stock images from boutique websites, or I may create unique 3D characters. With this package, you are not responsible for searching for stock images, which can be a more complicated process than many authors like to deal with. There is also more room for creativity in character appearance and specifications, as well as more complex concepts that the Silver Package often cannot accommodate.

The Gold Package has a limit of three revisions. 

There is no practical difference in the final quality of the Silver Package vs the Gold. With both packages, you’ll get a custom cover that is beautiful and marketable, and in most cases, you can’t tell which was which when looking through my portfolio. The price difference is in the creation process.

I do recommend this package if you need something particularly complex – with multiple complex characters, something unique that must be created, or something along those lines. I also recommend this package if you anticipate needing more than one revision to get it right.

I do not recommend this package if you are more budget conscious and are willing to spend some time searching for the right image to fit your character, especially if you have a fairly straightforward cover concept.


Ready to make a request?

Check below for the links to current forms for scheduling and custom premade requests.